Friday, May 09, 2008

we're back...sorta

Yo, yo, yo!! We're back...well, we never really left. Between running the shop, screening and foiling shirts for customers, going to school, working the daily grinds, dancing(don't be surprised if you see some RM tees on Season 2 of MTV's American Best Dance Crew) and just living everyday life, we haven't had much time to update this blog. Don't worry, we're still around. We'll try to keep this blog up to date with our everyday happenings and news from the crew along with what everyone wants to know...WHAT'S NEW IN THE SHOP? So keep coming back. Or, better yet, stop by the shop and say hi. We always look forward to meeting customers and just chopping it up with you all. Before going, we just want to thank all those who have always supported the shop. We're still around so we must be doing something right. =)


Just some of the most recent drops in the shop. Some have dropped a few weeks back but we still have a few in stock so come on in and say hi.

THE HUNDREDS IS HUGE! ("That's what she said")

The latest from our friends at Fairfax & Rosewood:

GET that is
New women's "Everybody Mid Parachute" shoe(unless any of you guys have really small feet) in hot pink and a re-up of the popular black colorway for the fellas. We sold out before of the black colorway...don't miss out this time.

"Don't get high off your own supply..."
The friends from Paid Bless reminds us of Biggie's 10 Crack Commandments...and that if having fresh sneakers is not enough, let them know by wearing a fresh shirt with a fresh sneaker on it

"Ohana means family...and family means no one gets left behind"

Don't get left behind...cop some of the new tees from our friends across the ocean. In4mation always doing it big on the mainland. Don't forget to visit their pop-up store in downtown San Diego.

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