Monday, September 24, 2007

Feelin a little Maxt Out?

Yesterday the show Maxt Out went all out with authority. Showing everyone the whose who of Choreographed Dancers. From all over socal to choreographers from music videos, they all came to show love for music, hip-hop, and most of all; dance. From all the excitement seeing Pomona being represented well seemed to be the highlight of the night.

Major Team Division
3rd : Common Ground
2nd : GRV
1st : B.Mod

POMONA TOOK IT HOME! here are some pics from the night:

*Note : Try to find The RM Krew in this one. ^^ [one behind the camera, couple on stage]

QUOTE OF THE WEEK : [at the recent Crown City Rockers/De La Soul Show] (People in the crowd start doing the "Soldier Boy" Dance) The Announcer says Viciously "Hey! You guys do know Your at a Hip-Hop Concert Right?!"

-"Rap isn't about Choreographed Songs." [Quoted from the owners of ALIFE]

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Dominic said...

hell yah...i was there at that show...i was yelling "stop" when they were tryin to bust that ishhhh hah

- dom